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The Flamingo's Flock

Earn points and turn them into rewards

  1. The Broken Flamingo would love for you to be part of an amazing flock!

    • What are you waiting for? Let’s make this the year the year of the Flamingo! Come join the Flock and get cool stuff!

  2. Earn Flamingo's

    • Purchase a product

      Get 3 Flamingos

    • Sign up to the site

      Get 5 Flamingos

  3. Redeem Rewards

    • 10% off all products

      10 Flamingos = 10% off the lowest priced item in cart

    • 50% off one product

      40 Flamingos = 50% off the lowest priced item in cart

    • $5 Off

      5 Flamingos = $5 off a specific product

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